The layer between the retina and the sclera which contains blood vessels and connective tissues.

Ciliary body
The ring around the front of the eye that controls the lens and produces fluid which nourishes the lens and cornea.

The transparant front layer of the eye.

The colored part of the eye around the pupil that regulates its size.

The transparant body in the eye that refracts light, focusing it on the retina.

Macula lutea
Yellowish spot in the retina associated with the sharpest vision.

Optic disc
Region in the retina where nerve fibers exit, becoming part of the optic nerve.

Optic nerve
The nerve that transmits visual information from the retina to the brain.

Opening in the iris through which light enters the eye.

The part of the eye with light-sensitive cells that convert light into nerve impulses.

The white outer layer of the eyeball.

Suspensory ligaments
The fibers that hold the lens in position.

Vitreous humor
The transparent, gel-like substance between the lens and the retina of the eye.
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