Anatomy Quiz is a training website for students. Our quizzes were developed for nursing students in The Netherlands. Anatomy is a very rich and extensive subject and includes many unfamiliar terms. All quizzes focus on basic anatomy knowledge: recognizing organs and memorizing their names. Mastering these essentials is the first step in learning complex anatomy subject matter. 

How to use this website as a student
First: study your textbook to build an overall picture of the anatomy topic. Focus on the main points, not on the details. Second: test your knowledge with a quiz. Mastering the names and locations of the organs will help you memorize other information later. Remember: knowledge is like a house. You need walls before you can hang a painting. If you learn new information and there is nothing for it to hang onto, it just falls away. Our quizzes help you build a solid house of anatomy basics to which you can stick the details. This will make your studies more efficient and interesting. 

How to use this website as a teacher
We recommend teachers make a list of helpful online resources for their students. To make class enjoyable, you can put a quiz on the interactive whiteboard from time to time and invite students to answer a question. Good fun is guaranteed. 

Large and small screens
This website is designed for all platforms: interactive whiteboards, computers, televisions, tablets and smartphones. However, the quizzes work best on larger screens. For better performance on smaller touchscreens we recommend the use of a stylus.

The content of this website was established in collaboration with the Vitalis College in Breda (ROC West Brabant) in The Netherlands. Subject matter and terminology are based on the textbook Anatomie en Fysiologie (ThiemeMeulenhoff). Hole's Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology is used for the English translation. 

The quizzes were tested in anatomy classes at Curio Zorg en Welzijn in Breda, The Netherlands.
Feedback is highly valued: info@anatomy-quiz.com

Anatomy Quiz is published by EastDock Media, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Illustration Structure of the Ear

Illustration Skin layers
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